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couch cushion replacement After a long life of service, almost all couch cushions and furniture cushions need replacing. With over 19 density and firmness choices, and dozens of shapes to choose from, Foam Order is your go-to source for reliable, long-lasting and custom-made replacement cushions. We make cushions to fit your exact specifications, including firmness, foam quality, shape and dimension – and can accommodate details like wrapping or down envelopes.

Types of Foam for Replacement Cushions:

Foam cushions vary in quality, firmness and life span. All foam cushions soften with use, but you’ll notice better quality foam softens slower than mid-grade foam. Additionally, thinner foam cushions feel softer, as opposed to thicker foam, which generally feels firmer due to greater area to support your weight.

Foam Order offers a variety of cushion choices. Our foam types fall into three categories: good, better and best.

Replacement Sofa & Couch Back Cushions

Although some back cushions might be filled with foam, most are usually filled with polyester stuffing or feathers. When polyester cushions flatten, they generally need one to two pounds of polyester stuffing for a fuller shape.

Sofa cleaning

A sofa is furniture due to which your house looks pretty. But the sofa looks prettier when it s dust-free. When you need sofa cleaning just contact us. 7379586383, 9640419480

New Sofa Gallery provides a professional sofa cleaner that cleans your sofa and increases sofa life our sofa cleaner know the strategies and technique to clean the couch and make sofa shinier.

Replacement cushions to coordinate with your upholstered sofa

If your couch is upholstered, you may also choose custom replacement cushions if you would like the new cushions to beautifully coordinate — instead of exactly match — the upholstery on the frame or arms of the couch. This is a modern style that can showcase your love of style and design as it changes instead of relying on the same fabric year after year. We offer many solid and patterned fabrics, and you’re sure to find one that will give your sofa a stylish new look. You may also send us your own fabric with which we will make your cushions, to ensure an exact match.