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Price – A polyester couch is at a very affordable price compared to other natural fabric couches because it is cheaper to produce.  Polyester blended with cotton is cheaper than 100% cotton fabric.

Durability – A polyester couch is very soft, comfortable, and extremely easy to clean.  It also has an abrasion resistant quality which makes it durable.

Polyester can resist more damage than natural materials.  Although it may not stop all of the damage that your pets can cause, it will resist the impact of their claws and bites better than those of the natural fibers.

Polyester is resistant to stretching and shrinking when washed.

Resists fading – A polyester couch can withstand discoloration and can resist fading issues from sunshine or artificial light exposure.

Stain resistant – Polyester fabric will resist most stains better than natural materials since it dries very quickly in case of spills.

Breathability – Polyester fabric will not absorb smells and prevent sweat accumulation because of its more breathable quality.

You can also protect your couch, and extend its life expectancy, by adding a slipcover; slipcovers are fitted protective covers that can be slipped on and off a piece of furniture, reducing the amount of wear it takes over time. Slipcovers are easy to take off and wash, and they’re cheaper to replace than a whole sofa.

Polyester couches are a popular furniture option for your home. They can be found with 100% polyester fabric or blended with other materials to create a durable and affordable sofa.

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